Sleep Packages & Counselling Sessions

  • Sleep Foundations Package

    Up to 4 months.               $400

    It's never too early to make sleep a priority. Building a strong sleep foundation during pregnancy and during the 'fourth trimester' absolutely affects your baby's sleep down the road, as well as your own health and well-being. This package is for expectant parents struggling with sleep and for families with newborns who are committed to building healthy sleep foundations.  

    • Comprehensive sleep assessment

    • 50-minute consultation

    • Customized recommendations for healthy sleep

    • 30 minute follow-up call after 1 week

  • Healthy Sleep Package

    4 months to 5 years.       $600

    If you're worried that 'crying it out' is your only solution, don't be! With a comprehensive assessment and in-depth look at diet, environment, relationships, schedule, routine and more, together we will build and implement a sleep plan to ensure that you and your little one are getting the sleep you need! This is a 2-week package. 

    • Comprehensive sleep assessment

    • 50-minute consultation 

    • Customized sleep plan

    • Daily email support for 2 weeks

    • 2 x 30-minute follow-up calls

  • Sleep Strugglers Individual Sessions

    3 years+.                          $160

    Bedtime doesn't have to be a struggle. Glow Sleep Services provides sleep counselling and recommendations for parents who are struggling with their children's behaviour around bedtime routines, nighttime fears, sleep anxiety, refusing to sleep on their own and somehow always finding their way into their parents' bed!

    *This session can be used as a one-off consultation OR as a follow-up or 'tune-up' if any other sleep issues should arise. 

    • Comprehensive sleep assessment

    • 50-minute counselling/ consultation session

    • Ongoing sessions as needed

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia

    Adults &Adolescents        $160

    Tired all day but can't sleep at night? Sleep-onset and sleep-maintenance insomnia is extremely common in teenage and adult populations. In an age of screens and stress, many of us toss and turn and find ourselves wide awake at all hours of the night. Insomnia can only be treated by addressing the underlying causes- the thoughts and behaviours- around sleep. 

    • Comprehensive intake assessment

    • Ongoing sessions as needed, addressing: 

      • Changing sleep thoughts and behaviours​

      • Developing healthy lifestyle habits to improve sleep

      • Relaxation techniques

Julia Glowinski, MSW, RSW

Toronto, Ontario


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