from infancy to adulthood

provided by Registered Social Workers

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Our days are stressful enough as they are. Our nights shouldn't have to be. 


We had Julia speak at our virtual team meeting with attendees on three different continents. Julia wowed our audience. She talked about the importance of sleep for physical and mental health, especially during these stressful times of the pandemic. She also offered helpful tips on how to get better sleep. Julia is a natural at explaining the science of sleep in simple, easy-to-understand language. She is an engaging speaker and answered a wide range of questions, and we had tons of them. She even offered to answer questions after her presentation. With her scientific expertise and great presentation skills, Julia is bound to win over any audience. We’d have her again in a heartbeat.

Sachin Deshpandé | Director | Corporate Communications | Sun Life Financial

Let's get you and your family back to sleep! 
Glow Sleep Services specializes in:
  • Creating a healthy sleep environment for the whole family
  • Reducing anxiety and stress around bedtime
  • Reviewing sleep routines and schedules
  • Managing behaviour and emotion regulation at bedtime
  • Treating sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia for all ages
  • Providing strategies for bedtime struggles and nighttime wakings

Glow Sleep Services provides comprehensive assessments,  treatment plans and counselling, including strategies for stress reduction, sleep education, healthy sleep habits, and ultimately, better quality sleep. 

Julia Glowinski, MSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker

Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia Clinician 

Why Glow Sleep Services? 

Glow Sleep Services utilizes an integrative approach to look at all systems to determine the root of sleep challenges. In order to make any lasting improvements to one's sleep and mental health, all of the factors contributing to disrupted sleep must be explored. In this way, Glow Sleep Services focuses on long-term changes, rather than quick fixes that will only temporarily mask sleep disturbances. 


Coverage for social work services is often provided through private extended health insurance plans, workplace benefits, or employee assistance plans. 

Infant & Child Sleep Consulting

There's nothing more defeating than a combination of sleep deprivation and an inconsolable, crying baby at 3am, on a work night. When it comes to infant and toddler sleep, it's never too early or too late to get tackle sleep head-on. Glow Sleep Services offers a variety of sleep packages and consultations to help get you on track, with as much or as little hands-on-help and follow-up as you wish. A sleeping baby means more sleep for you! 

Sleep Counselling for Youth & Adults

For many of us, sleep is a challenge. Whether it be fear, anxiety, stress or depression keeping you up at night, Glow Sleep services offers evidence-based tools and strategies to significantly improve disrupted sleep as a result of mood disorders, sleep disorders and insomnia. Glow Sleep Services also works with parents who are facing challenges with their children regarding nighttime fears, bedtime routines, sleeping in their own room and settling for bed.