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Getting to sleep isn't easy. Maybe you're procrastinating getting into bed because you're up late working, scrolling and binge-watching TV or perhaps you're lying in bed for hours, desperate to fall asleep. No matter what is getting in your way, sleep shouldn't be something you dread or sacrifice. You have enough stressors as it is. Getting to sleep at night should not be one of them. 


If you're like me, you know that sometimes it feels like there's just not enough time to sleep. There's too much work or too much to get done around the house. Big deadlines, loved ones to care for and that feeling that you just need to hold it all together, all the time. Sleep is the one thing that you consistently sacrifice. 


If you're looking to improve your sleep habits and reset your sleep patterns, if you need some support getting you sleep back on track, start with the sleep challenge and give me 10 minutes for 10 days. 


  • Goal setting and identifying sleep obstacles

  • Scheduling techniques and sleep tracking

  • Creating your sleep sanctuary

  • Prepping for a good night's sleep

  • Setting up your day for sleep success

  • Slowing down your racing thoughts

  • Relaxation and shifting focus before bed

  • Troubleshooting tricky sleep

  • Self care for sleep

  • Maintaining healthy sleep habits


  • Daily 5-minute videos covering each topic

  • Daily 5-minute worksheets/reflection guides

  • Access to Member's Only facebook group for support and questions

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